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Moonlight & Roses Bath Bomb

  • $5.00

4.5 oz

Slip into the tub with a Moonlight Rose and let your troubles float away like rose petals on the breeze. As its blue lavender outer shell fizzes away, it releases a luxurious cascade of pink rose and mineral-rich sea salt. The intoxicating perfume of flowers absolute, rose and lavender envelop your senses for a whole new level of bathing luxury.

Bath Bomb Ingredients
Every Bath Bomb includes the following ingredients:
* Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
* Citric Acid
* Sea Salt
* Sunflower Oil
* Organic Shea Butter
* Fragrance
Items marked with an astriks (*) only appear in specific Bath Bombs.
* *FD&C Colorant
* *Lavender Buds
* *Rose Petals
* *Lemongrass
* *Ground Oatmeal
* *Peppermint Leaves
* *Cosmetic Grade Glitter

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